Last year, McDonalds spent $963 million on advertising; that’s a king’s ransom to sell bad food.

Your food is great. You should invest in professional photos to show it off. You rise every day at dawn. Collect your willpower and the list you created last night and you head out. Driving all around town you visit the produce market, then stand in a warehouse’s freezing cooler picking out the finest ingredients available and then you head to work.

Unlocking the door you start the days prep, readying yourself for another 14 hour day. You’ve done everything right. You take great care to put out the finest product. You pay attention to detail and plate your food in the most tantalizing way. Quality imagery is important for all successful businesses. It’s even more important for restaurants.

If the food doesn’t look as mouth-watering online as it does in person, people will never see it in person. They will simply not come to your restaurant. People eat with their eyes. You are ready for a professional food photographer.

Social media is a great and inexpensive way to advertise your business. Take control of your online brand image. Putting your businesses image solely in the hands of phone wielding customers, cooks or waiters is a gamble at best. You need high-resolution, high-quality photos for your online presence.

Images are like good ingredients. You can use them in many different ways and they never spoil. Once you have a catalog of images you can use them on your menus, table signs, flyers and other marketing materials too. You can use professional photos to develop an on-site slideshow to feature high profit, specialties items or even as decor for the restaurant walls.

Shouldn’t the food you feature be your product, not something you took off the internet? Shouldn’t it look as good as it possible can?

I owned a restaurant and I understand how tight things can be. I also know how hard it is to find the time. I can design a package for any schedule and any budget. Contact me now and we can make a plan!

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Current Packages

February Prix Fixe Package 20% Off $500 2 Hour/20 Images

Introductory Package $100 1 Hour/5-10 Images

A La Carte $30 Per Image


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